Friday, March 2, 2012

Follow Friday


1. If I could meet one person living or dead, I would want to meet my Great Great Grandmother who was a Potawatomi Indian.  I would love to learn all about their culture and our heritage.
2. I find it hard to make myself clean house.
3. The last time I took Izzi to agility class, we ran our behinders off and learned at lot, then came home and collapsed.
4. Where are the police when the crazy drivers are here?


  1. Oh, you could learn from you Great Great Grandfather.

    You know I have been trouble motivating to clean and I use to love to clean, I know weird.

    The police are never there when those drivers appear but then they get me for just a little infraction, well, you know I think it is a little infraction LOL

  2. I bet it would be so interesting to learn about the life your great great grandma lived. I'm sure we all could learn a lot from her. And I have to make myself clean some days just because i can't stand a messy house. But I don't really like it too much...

  3. You have Dave to clean! He does well. He just needs an apron. They have them at the shoppe by the coffee house...just sayin'.

  4. I need the motivation to clean house too!