Friday, March 16, 2012

The Flower and Garden Show

As we are supposed to be planning for Spring in the month of March (as opposed to experiencing it), I took an opportunity to attend the Flower and Garden Show.  This show has a long history ... I can remember taking my daughter to it in a stroller many more years ago than I like to admit.  This was not the best I have been to.  There were wonderful exhibits, but not so many ideas that I could actually use in my garden.  So see what you can glean for your personal use ...

A herb and vegetable garden on the wall

There were a number of artistic exhibits, well worth the trip.

This artist was artistic in many ways ...

How many of you would like this in your garden?

This one Izzi picked out for Noodles ... what do you think Noodles?
Try picking out your seeds from this display :(

Had to get in my Kitty plug ...

bulbs, bulbs everywhere ...

The real reason I was able to go to the Flower and Garden Show was
that I was invited to participate in an education program with the
Northern Illinois Raptor Center.

I only have one picture of the program which included the Great Horned Owl
in this picture, plus a Red Tail Hawk, a Barred Owl and an American Kestrel.
I couldn't take pictures while I had a bird on my glove ... sorry!

The sun was going down over the city when we finally headed for home.

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