Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cat Thrusday

My Boyz have always taken the youngsters in our house  under their wing, so to speak.  This is Big Mac, a little Yorkie we used to dog sit for.  The Boyz played with him, gave him affection and even disciplined him when he got too wild. 
I love my Boyz ... of course :) 


  1. Cats have such a way of determining power. Once my sister came and brought the schnauzer. The cat I had then vanished to under the bed for two days. She finally got ticked I guess and came out and just sat in the living staring down the dog. The dog wanted to play. He came over without any fear and the cat whopped him across the nose once and then she walked into the kitchen to get her food. The dog never came around her that whole visit after that. :)

  2. I love it when animals care for different species so kindly. I think they teach us a lesson about life.

  3. My mom brings her little Pom over occasionally and Alice never bats an eyelash. That's how laid back she is. Unfortunately, she's not that laid back with Arya. Maybe she will be soon. I hope!

    Love that pic!