Saturday, December 30, 2017

Right to Know

Let's talk about "the media" for a moment, shall we?
Not just about what our Tweeter in Chief calls FAKE NEWS media. But about the entire realm of honest reporting that the rest of us depend on to do our jobs as citizens.
In just the last few weeks...
1) The Federal Communications Commission, headed by an unabashed Trumpateer, did away with rules that protected "net neutrality," the policy that kept big corporate providers of internet service (like Comcast and Verizon) from discriminating against smaller web sites (like the Lowdown and just about all other independent, non-corporate media).
2) Before delivering that Christmas present to one set of corporados, the FCC greased the skids for another, changing its rules to allow Sinclair Broadcasting, a right-wing owner of TV stations, to gobble up even more local broadcasters. When its merger goes through, Sinclair will control over 200 stations around the country. Sinclair is notorious for forcing its local stations to carry "must-run" right-wing commentaries.
3) Time magazine has been bought by a group backed with millions of dollars from the Koch brothers. Los Angeles's largest weekly newspaper, the LA Weekly, has been bought by a group with deep conservative ties. The Washington City Paper, long respected for its reporting in our nation's capital, is up for sale and right-wing buyers have been sniffing...
If my point isn't already obvious: We can't take reliable news for granted. It's vulnerable right now, and the corporate right is taking advantage. The rest of us need to step up to protect our right to know.

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Elephant's Child said...

Sadly it is rapidly becoming a world-wide problem.