Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Wild Bird Wednesday

Eagle Festival in Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin

We took a run up to the festival to take in some of the Raptor programs and primarily to receive training for the Golden Eagle count that we will participate in this coming Saturday.  We are doing the Northern Illinois borders where there is a possibility of the Juvenile Golden Eagles moving down as the common territories are already established by adult couples.  It is quite exciting, the idea of Golden Eagles in Illinois.  The chances of us spotting any are few and far between, but it is worth the effort.

After lunch we went to the dam on the river to see what we could see ...

 There was a large group of Common Mergansers on the open water ...

  And a few including Mallards near the rapids from the flow ...
 A group of juvenile Bald Eagles where active across the river ... sadly not close enough to get good pictures.  They were leary of all of the people on our side so they stayed clear.

The locals said that when there are no crowds, the eagles get much close and even will fish the open water as they watch ... might be worth a trip up duing the week when things are quieter :)  Have a great week everyone ...



  1. DEFINITELY worth a trip in quiet times. Good luck with the count.

  2. That is quite a large group of Mergansers. My husband saw an eagle on the way home from work, just today. Rare in my area.

  3. Hello, I love the shot with the Mergansers. Great sighting of the Eagles.
    Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  4. That is a lot of ducks. The eagle count sounds like a fun things to do.

  5. Sounds so exciting! I would love to join you!

  6. cool to see all sleeping mergansers :)

    Good luck with the eagle counting :)