Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wild Bird Wednesday

Female Downy Woodpecker



  1. We see both downy and hairy woodpeckers, but only in the summer. Good to see one now.

  2. Hi there - what a nice little bird! As I have said on a number of occasions I have a real soft spot for woodpeckers!

    I am in India but have seen only a few birds so far - more to come I hope. When I am 'on the road' I tend to set up my blog posts before I go away - so it will be birds from NZ for a couple of weeks - then some from India.

    Cheers - Stewart M - New Delhi

  3. Belle proximité ;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  4. lol, I knew the name of this woodpecker before I read it. :) I´m learning :)

  5. Beautiful birds. Wow! Such great shots! :)

    I wanted to let you know that my new blog address is http://www.alexandramacvean.blogspot.com. Please make sure to update your newsfeed so we can stay in touch!

  6. Your little woodpeckers are beautiful. Some of our little birds are coming back. I saw one woodpecker, some dark eyed juncos, some sparrows, and a couple of mourning doves. I think your stormy night image is super.

    We've got a ton of snow here and it's still coming down. I'd say we already have at least a foot. Want some of it? just kidding.

    Pogo isn't happy about it. It means he can't go out to potty in the yard until someone shovels him a patch of ground. Maybe tomorrow.

    Pogo sends woofs and a lick for Izzi. You have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.

  7. Beautiful capture of this woodpecker!