Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Sunday afternoon, Mr. Cardinal came for a visit as he does every day ...

Monday afternoon Mr. Cardinal came for a visit as he does every day but ....
It is Snowing and it is Cold ...

Gold Finch ... a bird's eye view of winter ...

Gold Finch ...

A pair of Starlings ...

Another Gold Finch ...

Dark eyed Junco

House Sparrows

Mrs. Cardinal ...

Please notice that several birds were on the bird bath.  The birds need water in the winter.  Yes, they can eat snow, but it brings down their body temperature and their survival in cold weather depends on their being able to keep their body temperature up.  So if you haven't already ... invest in a heated water source for your birds :)

Happy Wild Bird Wednesday!


  1. I love the bird feeder that the Sparrows are on. Burr! it looks very cold where you are. The shots of the birds are all great

  2. The birds are happy to visit you and your feeders.. I do have a heated birdbath.. Wonderful birds and photos. Have a happy week!

  3. I agree with Tex, they are indeed grateful for your care!! And such lovely birds they are! Love your captures for the day, as always!! Have a great week!!

  4. Pretty birds! We had the same kind of sudden turn in the weather on Friday.

  5. I've got a heated water tray for them and they don't go near it...I may have to try some tricks like putting it on a board on the bird bath to entice them or something....

  6. Nice variety! I love juncos, but we don't have many of them here.

  7. Wow, good amount of snow, I really hope we get some this year. Wouldn't mind a Cardinal as well..... lol

  8. Such lovely beauties of birds in the snow. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Andrea, your birds are beautiful. These are like the birds that come to my feeder. I'm going to be looking for a heated water source for our birds. Actually, maybe that will be my project for this afternoon. Amazon usually has just about everything.

    Tomorrow Pogo and I will sit down to dinner with some of the dwarfs, and hopefully both of the kitties will join us. So far, they have not gotten very friendly with each other. it will take time.

    Pogo and I wish you and Izzi a Wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving Day. Hugs, Edna B.

  10. Brrr so cold looking and what a change a few hours can make. Hard to believe it is snowing elsewhere when it is hot and humid here.

  11. Thats some difference in a day! I do love the cardinals - and (for once!) I have seen them in the feather.

    I tried meal worms (dried) to feed some of our garden birds - complete failure! oh well!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  12. They all look SOOO cold! Berautiful photos. I am glad you have a heated water source for them. I always love the juncos particularly in the snow. So pretty!

  13. We don't get snow very often here, your birds look happy to have some seeds. I especially like to see the cardinals since they don't live on the west coast, so pretty. The little goldfinches are cute, too.