Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday

We didn't have geese on our lake this summer ... or even swans.  Occassionally we would have some pass through, but no residents and no babies.  I am not sure why, but these are the first Canadian Geese I have been close enough to photograph for a long time.   I ran across this little gaggle grazing in the park where our raptor center is.  They are not friendly, but not really afraid of me either ... 

They allowed me to get pretty close before sauntering off.  They are really handsome birds ... at least I think so.  Have a great week everyone ... Happy WBW!


  1. Beautiful shots of the geese. We have lots of them here at our local park, and in a few other scattered places. They really are beautiful, but they do leave a bit of a mess to walk through.

    Today we are enjoying our last fling with the super weather. Tonight the colder temps will move in and stay for a while. Brrr. Pogo and I are going out today to enjoy this gorgeous day, and maybe I'll treat him to his favorite lunch, a double burger.

    I'm hoping that this fabulous weather has extended to your area too. You and Izzi have a fantabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. They are handsome birds, We have them here as well.

  3. Hi Yes I wonder why they didn't visit you earlier in the year. Anyway, it was great that at least some of them drops in to your area and you managed to get these great shots of them

  4. They are very, very handsome.
    Thank you.

  5. Geese are neat to watch, aren't they?! We've had a lot of migrating geese at the local lake. Nice shots!

  6. I think they are beautiful too.... we have them on the golf courses though...and ...they can be a bit messy..... geese peep is pretty big stuff to step in.....I saw a big V flying overhead yesterday... who knows if they are going south, just practising or it is jus instinct to fly around in a V at this time of year. They don't all go south anymore.....