Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend Reflection

My world through a knob on my kitchen cabinet :)
See the blue sky ... it is cold, but it is a clear crisp day in Illinois.  Say a prayer for the people in Buffalo, New York. Their world is being buried in snow (7 feet so far) and their roofs are collapsing in on them because of the weight of the snow.  Scary and sad!


  1. Well spotted in your kitchen. Yes it is tragic for the people in Buffalo. So unexpected this early in the year. Have a great weekend.

  2. Clever reflection. Let's hope the thaw arrives soon.

  3. What a clever reflection.
    And yes, my heart goes out to the people in Buffalo. Seven feet?!!

  4. How... That is such a tiny one ! Nice catch indeed...

    Your should participate to the macro picture contest of Laura with it ; it is perfect.

  5. Fantastic reflection...lovely shot...

    Hope the snow will thawing quickly...

  6. This is wonderful!! Leave it you to find a photo on a cabinet know! As for the snow in New York, I sure hope it does NOT thaw too fast. Imagine the flooding it will cause. I've been catching up with your other blog posts, and I have to say that you have been busy creating. I do love how you changed that sky to a very impressive piece of art. I also love that fence that was around someone's garden. It looks like such a tranquil spot to sit and rest.

    I like your cat image . How come your cat is so agreeable about posing for you and Pogo and our two cats run when they see a camera? I have to sneak up on our fur kids to get a photo.

    Well I cooked our turkey, but Pogo won't have any of it. He likes his turkey in a snack bag and fed to him by Joe. If I serve it on a plate, he want's nothing to do with it. Go figure!!

    Since I finished all my holiday projects, my hands have been itching to play with more yarn, so yesterday was spent working on a new afghan for next year. Now I need to get dressed and do out to do a couple of errands. I need to pick up some insulation for our "outdoor kitty house".

    You and Izzi have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

  7. Nice reflection. Stay warm!

    Peace :)