Sunday, February 16, 2014

SPA's My Favorite Pet Challenge

My Favorite Pet

I am taking this opportunity to comment on an issue that is important to me.  As a retired nurse I have seen the pain, both physical and emotional that loneliness brings to the life of the elderly.  I am no young chicken myself, but I am not lonely because I still have family around me ... and I have a wonderful dog and three cats.  But many are not so lucky and could thrive off of the love of a pet.  In my picture "Friends for Life" need not be taken as a span of time, but, in fact, a matter of survival.  I am in hope of stimulating some interest.  Look around you ... do you know someone who could benefit from the unconditional love of a furry or feathered companion?

The Pets for the Elderly Foundation

a 501(c)(3) charitable organization

This is but one of many organizations that work to place older rescue pets into the homes of the elderly.  Talk to your Vet or contact any organization on the Internet.  This is a gift of Life that any of us could facilitate.

Andrea @ From The Sol


  1. They recently brought in a wee grey kitten to my Aunt's nursing home, and it just perked up so many of the tenants. Animals are amazing!

  2. Hear, hear, I remember the HUGE difference a cat made to my mother's life (for a while). Someone to talk to, someone to be 'responsible for'. Sadly it didn't last, but the cat continued to do better than my mother. She did ensure that the cat ate, even when she didn't.

  3. Hi Andrea
    What a fabulous charity, I had not heard of them before. Thank you for bringing them to my attention, I agree my little Crazy Poodle means everything to me, You have got me thinking I'm going to ask some questions here.
    (Just between you and me, my latest doggy dilemma has a happy ending!)
    Wren x

  4. Nice post. I think it is in our nature to be companionable - and some choose non-human animals as their companions. I find it hard t understand how "health care" organisations can make a problem of this.

    At present I have no pets - small children are enough! But I will cross the street to talk to a local cat! People think its strange - I think its strange no to!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: managed (just) to survive the stats course!

  5. I totally agree with you. I live alone with my little dog Pogo. He gives me reasons to keep going on days that are gray, and I never get lonely because he's right there to keep me company. He's a shelter dog, and together we make nice music. I think all elderly should have the opportunity to have a pet. You live longer and happier when you have someone (or something) to love. Now I have to start packing up my things and get ready to go home soon. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  6. A lovely, and thought provoking card.

  7. What a wonderful post not only is your postcard fabulous your words are important and so true...thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  8. HI Andrea it is funny that your post is talking about elderly people having a pet because today on the TV they were talking about that very thing. They said that people would had a pet was less lonely and more sociable because they had to walk their dogs and usually dog owners stopped to talk to one another because their dogs had! Now, presently, I live alone, do not have a dog and am too busy to be lonely but will bare all this in mine if ever I do!

  9. I think having an animal in the house is critical at all stages of life, but it most certainly needs to be part of the life of an elderly person. I can't imagine not having the companionship of my cats.

  10. Animals are essential and it doesn't matter the age. They give us a reason to go on. I have 5: 3 dogs and 2 cats. Your work is adorable!Hope people get stimulated by you!