Friday, February 28, 2014

Smile It's The Weekend

This is my lesson for the weeks, Badger Boos.  Do you see that harness my Moms has on mes?  Well that is to makes me safes in the cars in case my Moms has to slams on the brakes or anythings.  If you has ever ridden in the back seats with an "old poops", you will knows how importants this little harness is ...

Gets my gist?
I trust you won'ts mention this to my Moms ... she thinks she is a goods driver :)


  1. I'm glad your mom had you wear a harness when you are in the car. Pogo has one too. He has a car seat so that he can see out the windows and the harness protects him in case of an accident. Actually, he wears his harness all the time when he goes outside because it is more comfortable for him than a collar. Us "old poops" love our doggies so we take good care of them. Pogo sends you woofs and licks, Edna B.

  2. Your secret is safe but I must say your "mom's" loves you because she cares enough about your safety. I really hate it when (moms/dads) let their fur babies hang on the window or sit on their laps while driving. You are one lucky dog.

  3. Hi Andrea and Izzi, not sure why BB's post for Smile its the weekend hasn't posted, I've been away alll weekend, I'm on the mobile at the moment but will double check soon as I get home.

    Nice to see you have a safety harness izzi so many people ignore the safety of their pups, BB has a secure crate in the boot of the car.

    Hope you have a great weekend xxxx