Saturday, February 22, 2014

Smile it's the Weekend

My Moms is laughing at mes, Badger Boos.  She says I has a funny white spots on my nose, but I don't sees any funny white spots ... do yous?


  1. Happy weekend to you too. What an adorable face!

  2. Awww,. And where did you pick up that invisible spot?

  3. Izzi, that's a beautiful white spot! Sort of like a glamorous beauty spot! And you're still very beautiful. I'm getting ready to leave work soon and go home to Pogo. He sends you woofs and licks. You have a fun day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Very strange Izzy. George thinks it is the formation of a new albino nostril so you can sniff out treats better. But then again, that boy is always thinking about food.

  5. Izzi! Is that litter again?!
    Stella needs to join a dog meme. Suggestions? ~xo~

  6. Hello Izzi that looks like a beauty spot to me **blows kisses* from next week mummy is giving me back Smile it's the Weekend as I was getting more links than she does.

    We couldn't post this weekend as we've been without power for most of the Weekend again. Mummy is not impressed.

    Hopes u had a good weekend.

    Loves Badger Boo xxxx