Saturday, February 15, 2014

Smile It's The Weekend

I gots caughts (Soulful look for Mom's benefit)
raiding the cats pan ...

because I lefts evidence on the rugs ...

Buts, the truths is ... its was delicious!

Don't worries, Badger Boos, I has a better Valentines gifts for you ... a days lates, but thats okays :)
Hopes your weekends is goods, Badger Boos :)


  1. Now that's a happy doggie!!! Love it! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. **waves paw** Hello Izzi, it's Badger Boo here.

    Thank you so much for the lovely Valentine's gifts I feel most touched **blushes** That sure is a good soulful look you have there, hopes you made your mummy believe how sorry so I weren't BOL.

    Guess what: I might be getting a baby kitty brother soon from the RSPCA, we haas to have something called a home check to make sure we is nice people and if we passes he can come and live at our house.
    But I hope I'm not expected to share my bed and toys with him, he doesn't have a name yet cos mummy likes us furries to chose our own names, she thinks we are easier to train if we has one we want.

    Thank you for linking up with this week's Smile it's the Weekend, hope you has a good one too.


  3. How I wish Jazz understood the concept of shame. And souful looks.
    Izzi is SUCH a charmer. And a happy weekend to you and yours.

  4. Aw, your Aussi Izzi is just the cutest. I'm still trying to make my way round the GYB party...I know, what am I like? Love you photos of cute girl. Off now to find out more about you and figure out how to follow. :)

  5. What a lovely photo of you, Izzi. I hope your day was a good one. We have a lot more snow here, so Pogo will be staying indoors. He got a cute little red doggie for Valentines Day, but he's not really too impressed with it. It's taking him a long time to get used to the concept of toys. He sends you woofs and wishes you a great weekend. Hugs, Pogo's mom.

  6. Oh Izzy, with a sweet face like that I can't imagine Mom would be angry for very long. Now, the cat may be upset and rightfully so, any way, that's George's opinion. But then again he takes his food VERY seriously.

  7. We used to have a dog who'd raid the cat box, but luckily Winslow now doesn't. He does however like to find nasty-smelling things on our walks and roll in them so he can smell "good." That's how they keep us on our toes, right? You dog is so cute!! :) xoxo Silke

  8. Of this made me giggle. They have a website somewhere where people post pictures like this. They call it Dog Shaming. I think if you do a google search you'd be able to find it. Anyway Izzi sure looks like she's trying to play innocent.