Friday, April 12, 2013

Smile its Friday

I know, I know ... I look like a "Good ol Boy" ... cept, I'm a GIRL!
Thanks Mom!!!
As for you, Badger Boo, now my Mom is talking about taking funny pictures of me.  That should be fun ... Not!  But, the good news is, it will make Mom happy and when Mom is happy it means "Treats!"  :)   and that's my idea of Fun.  Thanks Badger Boo :)


  1. Wow Izzi what a beautiful girl you are **swoons** whoever says you looks like a boy needs their eyes testing!

    Look forward to seeing more pictures of you to make me and others smile. Thank you for joining in with Smile it's Friday.

    BB xxx

  2. It is Saturday here, but that smile from Izzi is beautiful each and every day.
    Have a great weekend - both of you.

  3. Another pretty picture of Izzy - she's a gorgeous creature!

  4. I was about to ask who Badger Boo was, but now I see. Another lovely critter. Pogo is drooling over beautiful Izzy. And man! Would you look at that treat bone!! Wow, it's longer than Pogo!
    Speaking of Pogo, at the moment, he is quite busy trying to demolish an envelope.

    Ah well, You have a wonderful night. Hugs, Edna B. and Pogo.

  5. A beautiful picture Andrea, wish mine were as sharp and clear Ozzie is gorgeous. Thank for joining in with BB' s Smile it's Friday

    Badger Boo's mummy x

  6. Gosh, Izzy is stunning!!! What a great face!! Great photo too! As I type and hear Hello my friend hello...makes me smile!