Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday

Mandarin Orange #39

A swan swimming in front of a beautiful stand of reeds in the channel by our lake ... (original)

These are patterns in a thin layer of ice on a puddle ... I added  color to get the design.

I attended a funeral last week that was so spiritual and gratifying in the way it  addressed the beliefs of the widow (Christian) and of the deceased (Judaism).  It reminded me of the Baha'i beliefs that we all travel different roads to the one God which, in the end, brings us together as one.  If only we could live our lives with that oneness ... the acceptance and respect of each man for who he is and what he believes.  Instead I see so much division and bitterness.  I wish we could look inside of ourselves and find it in our hearts to love one another ... Peace, Love ... Respect.  God wants nothing less from us ...


  1. Lovely shots and I wish we could all just get along too. There are two things that cause the most fighting among human...Religion and Politics. Always has been and I doubt it will ever change.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  2. Wonderful, creative post as always, Andrea! Hope you've had a good weekend and have a great new week!!

  3. Lovely orange shots, but it's Sunday today...or am I off a day again!
    I love the rituals of the Jewish, especially in the death and mourning rituals. But then I guess I'm biased in that regard.

  4. Those are very vivid orange! stunning!

  5. Oh what a gorgeous photo! I like the original the best. I also like your "ice pattern" shots. These are really beautiful.

    I agree, if only we could all respect each other and get along in peach. In my family, we have may different religious beliefs including Protestant, Catholic and Jewish. We have been able to learn so much from each other, and shared so many customs and holidays. It has been wonderful. Now I have to go check on the Mrs. Tomorrow Pogo and I have a busy day. First we will shop for the balloons and toy favors, then I will attempt to make a delicious hamburg cake. There's just no rest for the Mommies! lol. You have a fabulous night. Hugs, Edna B.

  6. And you turned your swan into an Auatralian! Somehow white swans look wrong to me. As usuall, all the images are beautiful. Very. Thank you.

    No arguments about the need to get along. Bury prejudices, I don't think they ever give us anything positive.

  7. You know my beliefs, as we have discussed religion and spirituality and they are not the same. There are many paths to God, this is a universal idea found in many cultures and faiths, denominations and religions. Each human is responsible for their own personal relationship with the Creator. Respect is always the root of any good relationship, human or spiritual.