Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Selections

Sunday Selections #90

It is the time of a year when a little excursion has a double meaning ... visiting a new place and fall colors.  These pictures were taken in the town square of Woodstock, Illinois.  Some of you might know that this is the town where they filmed Groundhog Days.  What a fun movie that was! Woodstock is a picture perfect little country town with quaint little shops  around the square and restaurants with food to die for.  One, in particular, has a very handsome Maitre d' ... would you like to guess where we had lunch ... :)

I had to end with this picture ... a pink jeep!  Really!  All this nostalgia and in the midst of it all, a pink jeep.  A sign of the times, don't you think?


  1. I love, love, love your autumn colours. And the buildings you posted. The pink jeep worries me a little. Who would willingly drive around in it? We used to get a particular lolly/candy shaped like a row of teeth with the gum attached. The gums were just that colour. Eeeuw. The sweet wasn't good either.

  2. Your photos are fabulous. Almost like being there myself. As for the pink jeep, I would definitely drive around town in it!!! Love it! Hugs, Edna B.