Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mandarin Orange Monday

Orange is the perfect color for celebrating Halloween.  I have a ton of Halloween pictures so the hard part was picking out which ones ... and some I just stumbled across and got creative with.  Love this meme :)

This is a picture of the Olympic fireworks that I took on my TV screen ... that little dark opening in the center was the perfect place for bats ... and bats are great Halloween characters.  The process here was simple ... I used the selection brush and magic extracter to single out the bats, then placed them in the pictures ... creepy, creepy ... :)

This is a mask that I saw at a sidewalk sale ... isn't she cool? I first used the selection brush on the background, darkened with PSE brightness/Contrast, then air brushed in some gray to mute distractions.  I then used the selection brush on the hat and scarf and used a fill color and then the mask to put it where I wanted it.  (her hat was blue and the scarf was yellow).  I used the selection brush again then turned her green eye orange.  Finally I used PSE light effects filter to finish her off.  Gruesome, right?
This is my lazy answer to Halloween pumpkins.  Buy a pumpkin and drop it into the spider frame and Voila!  I fixed this one up by using a texture of my own at 65% opacity. Next using the mask and brush, I brushed out the parts I wanted to be clear.  By using the texture at 65 % I was able to still have a little pattern on the pumpkin.  Then framed with lace ... old lace, all we need is the arsenic :0 ... I love Halloween. 

This is Izzi.   Izzi is not orange ...
But, her pumpkin is :)
Izzi says "Happy Halloween!"


  1. i LOVE izzi's pumpkin! and izzi, too!

    i do love that spider holder also!

  2. cool photos--i love the mask, and Izzy.:p

  3. Great orange, and a great post for MOM. Happy Halloween!

  4. And a happy halloween to the beauteous Izzi. (I'm not slow, it only took me two (or three) looks to recognise Izzi in the pumpkin.)

  5. You are so very clever! I love what you did with Izzy's pumpkin. I would never have thought of that! May I say that your Izzy is gorgeous! What a beautiful photo. When will you share with us which lens you use for your close ups?

    As for the mask with the hat, I absolutely love it. If I had seen it, I might have bught it. It suits me to a T. lol. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  6. Oh my gosh these Halloween pics are spooktacular! I love your creativity and how fun and spooky these turned out. Also love that you did a pumpkin carving of your dog. How awesome is that!

  7. That bat image is really scary! The burst of lines and colour behind is perfect. Very dramatic. I just love what you did with the mask - he looks evil but funny and it is beautifully processed. ( i think next time I will include some humour in my halloween pics)

    And your lovely Izzi is very lucky to have his very own pumpkin. Thank you so much for sharing these on Mandarin Orange Monday:)