Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cat Thursday

I know this is supposed to be Authors and their Cats week, but I had a special post that I wanted to put up today.  Tomorrow, October 12, is Maggie's 20th Birthday.  She is the best little cat ever.  When she was young and healthy she weighed all of 6 pounds.  Now, because of various effects of old age, she only weighs in at 4 pounds.  She is not sick, or tired, just old.  She still has energy, plays with Izzi's toys which are much bigger than her, fusses and spats at Diva ... you know how girls are.  Every day with Maggie is a blessing.  We have no idea how long she will be with us, but for now she is the queen. 

This is Maggie with her brother Mickey in 1992.  They were inseparable as kittens and somewhat as they got older.  Maggie has always had an issue about "her space" even with Mickey.  But, most of the time they were best buds.

At this age we would never have guessed that Mickey would end up being twice Maggie's size.  When he was well, he was 12 pounds.  Sadly he passed away at age 13 of liver cancer ... one never knows.   Their parents were faral.  A family in our old neighborhood had let the mother in on their screened porch to have her babies so they would be safe.  There were 11 kittens and Maggie was the runt ... says something for being a runt, right :)  They had named Mickey "Peace" because he was so sweet ... he never changed.  He loved everybody, especially Maggie.

He insisted on taking care of her even though she barely tolerated it.  She would return the favor though and Mickey loved it.

She tolerates "Da Boyz" and they are very gentle with her ...

For the most part Maggie is a loner ... The love of her life is my husband.  She follows him around the house and is in his face as soon as he sits down somewhere.  They have a bond ... a very special bond :)  Maggie evokes "Old Age" privileges often.  She gets treats whenever she asks for them and she will boldly try to eat from your plate if she sees something she likes (we don't let her, but that doesn't stop her from trying).  Her coat is dry and mats easily so I have to comb her almost every day.  That said, she is a happy kitty, she sleeps most of the day in her little heated bed and prowls at night as cats are known to do.  Every day with Maggie is a gift ... Happy Birthday, Little Girl!


  1. Beautiful kitties and Maggie is amazing! Happy Birthday, indeed Little Girl!! Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend, Andrea!

  2. This is truly lovely. We had a much loved cat M'lady who lived with us until she was 21 or 22. And I hear you on the special privileges. She got them all. And I miss her still.

  3. Oh my...what a lovely story. Happy Birthday Maggie. I think 14 is the oldest one of my fur balls has lived. 20 is remarkable!

  4. Happy Birthday to Maggie:) She is beautiful and I enjoyed looking at pics of her when she was young!

  5. Oh my, what a beautiful kitty. Happy BIrthday Maggie. We wish you much happiness and sunshine.

    I don't think I have ever seen such a small kitty. And she has such a pretty face! I would give her any treat she asked for.

    Have a fabulous day Maggie. And your mommy too! Hugs, Edna B.

  6. Aww, great post! Happy birthday to Maggie! Those kitten pictures are tooo cute.

  7. I am bowled over...20 years old! Sorry I'm a week late, Maggie. Happy, happy birthday sweet little girl. Just proves that good things come in small packages. =O)