Saturday, March 10, 2012

Poetry Reading

Poetry Reading  

OMG, what a great time.  A poetry reading in a Coffee Shop.  Not just any Coffee Shop ... Julie's Coffee Shop.  It was the perfect place for it.  It took me back to my college years (in the 60's) when there was a coffee shop on campus and they had poetry readings.  Of course, it was the hang out of the Beatniks (later to be dubbed  Hippies).  I know I am dating myself once again, but it was a wonderful time in my life so it was great to take a trip back into my memory.  For what it's worth, my memory needs a jolt to bring up anything, so this was quite a treat. 

 I digress ... The night included the reading of poetry by Tonya Runyan who has published two books (both have been reviewed by McGuffy Ann).  She was a delight.  Her presentation drew you right into the story line that the poem was illustrating, especially when the poem was about her daughters.

That wasn't the end of it though.  They had open mic night and three other poets stood up and shared their heartfelt work. 
Another published poet read a series of haiku's .  Next was a school teacher who described poetically incidents that she had experienced .  Her humor was delightful and again a presentation that had you hanging on every word.  The final poet was a young college student who had written a poem to immortalize an old gentleman that she had learned to know and love.  Her poem was inspired by his passing.  She was amazing.  I would go to hear her again any chance I had.  She certainly reminds us that there are a lot of wonderfully bright and committed young people out there that we rarely hear about.  The evening was topped off by a story teller.  She didn't come prepared, so we had to coax her out, but she was good and very funny.  A last few sips of coffee or wine and the evening ended, much too soon.  Thank you Julie for a wonderful experience.

Tonya toasting her hostess, Julie

 The story teller.

I am ashamed to admit that I was so caught up in the readings that I forgot to take pictures of everyone.  But I will remember them and hopefully see them all again in the future.

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