Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My favorite escape ...

Julie’s Coffee Shop
Have you ever met someone and known instantly that you really liked them.   Well, I have and here is how it happened.

I am a nurse and for years I have been picking up supplies at a little Medical Supply store, in a little shopping mall, in a town nearby.   One day I found the store empty and I was very disappointed.  But, it seems, things happen for a reason.

On a beautiful afternoon about two months later, as I was driving in the same neighborhood, I spotted a sign over the store front.  It had a coffee cup, paint brushes and a camera.  I love coffee, art and photography … this is a place for me, I thought.

 So I stopped, walked into the store and was instantly mesmerized by an array of paintings, photographs, jewelry, coffee cups, cards, pastries … you name it.  It was all there and it was all handmade … original art.   I was already sold, and then I met Julie.  Julie has a wonderful warm smile and a kindness about her.  She is an artist, an entrepreneur, a weaver of fantasies and, she makes a great cup of coffee … an instant friendship and a favorite place to escape too.  Of course, it was too good to keep to myself, so I brought McGuffy Ann to Julie’s Coffee Shop.  Her reaction was the same as mine.  We now share this place, as a place to let us step out of our daily routines and into a world of creativity.   What a wonderful escape … Thank you Julie for being you and for your wonderful little coffee shop.

Julie features a different artist each month

Hello Julie
You can learn more about Julie the artist and about Julies Coffee Shop on

Julie is painting the cat for a pet rescue

Meet Marsha, Julie's partner and an amazing photographer

Wedding Pictures by Marsha

Marsha's Studio

A Julie and Marsha Collaboration

That's all for now ... I wish all of you could join McGuffy and me for a cup of
Julie's coffee ...


  1. That looks like my favorite kind of place. We had a little coffee shop, that featured local artists, but sadly the economy closed them down. Now I dream of another place like that. Wish it were closer!

  2. Julie & her shop are amazing! I love when we go there! I want to get one of everything to surround myself with the positive energy!
    I am always happy to end up there for a nice cup of whatever is brewing...it's all good at Julie's!
    Nice post, Andrea...a secret worth sharing. ;-)

  3. Sounds real nice...
    Wish we had something like this around here. Maybe we do and I simply don't know about it. Looks like she got some nice stuff there. How's the coffee again?