Thursday, March 29, 2012

Friday Four Fill-in

This week’s statements:

1. I loved sports as a kid and still do.  In fact I always said I was the son my father never had because I played every sport with the boys in the neighborhood and went to the football games, basketball games, baseball games, wresting meets and fencing meets at the University with my father.  Now, unfortunately, I live in a place where the teams rarely do well, because the owners are more interested in making more money than in paying for good players.  So, I have become, sad to say, a fair weather fan. :(

2. I drive my family crazy with my picture taking.  Most of my family pictures of late have had someone sticking their tongue out or putting horns over each other head.  They hate it when I whip out my camera to record a family moment.  They all say "ENOUGH!"

3. I am currently reading My Ruby Slippers by Tracy Seely.  And, I have been reading it for about three weeks.  My life is so hectic that it is hard to sit down and devour a book.  What ends up happening is, I start it, get interrupted and don't get back to it for several days.  I then  have to peruse what I have already read so I can make sense out of what I am reading.  This is a slow laborious process, but if I love the book I will get through it.

4. I wish I could instantly have a body just like the one I used to have, way back when ...  I'm not greedy, I don't have to have a voluptuous body to be happy.  I am happy with slim and firm and you could throw in a few curves for good measure. 


  1. HI, love the wonderful page.makes me want to go back and add my music too. I think i will. well, we do have an answer in common. stop by and see. wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. Your answer for #4 is the same as mine!

  3. I think it is funny about your family and the pictures... they may complain but I bet they've grown to expect it!

  4. Visiting from Fri4--I am attached to my camera at the wrist. I am always looking for the perfect shot. So I do incur my share of grief. Love your blog. Drop by for a visit.

  5. I drive alex the cat crazy with my picture taking.. i am obsessed!

  6. I drive alex the cat crazy with my picture taking.. I am obsessed!