Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Four Fill-in


1. I love music and a Carmel ice coffee when I need a pick me up

2. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t stay organized.  I know how to organize a job or project, but I never stick to it.  I take short cuts that usually bite me in the (never mind) in the long run or I run off on a tangent on something else that catches my eye.  I think this is another "old Poop" syndrome directly related to the going into a room and finding you don't remember why you are there, syndrome.  I would never say old age isn't fun ... in fact, every day is an adventure.

3. My family makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

4. I can’t resist a sale on shirts ... long sleeve, short sleeve, with a hoody, scoop neck, V-neck, turtle neck, every color in the rainbow.  My wardrobe is made up of blue jeans and shirts that go with blue jeans.   My husband says, "you have a million shirts in the closet, did you really need another one?"  My answer is: Yes, because it was on sale :)


  1. LOVE the answers!
    and I agree with you.... everyday is an adventure! Make the most of it

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Okay, after shoes, shirts are my next can't resist it item!

    I understand about the organization. I'm pretty organized when I have to be, but when I don't...well, I can definitely find something else to do besides organize my sock drawer! If the clutter is too overwhelming, I usually got say, "Oh, well," and do something I enjoy!

    Love your answers!