Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wild Bird Wednesday

A Cold Winter's Day
 This Bluejay is picking through his choices looking for the energy food he loves ...

 Ahhh, found it ... a perfect little suet ball that will keep him warm for at least a little while.

I add suet balls to all of my feeders and on the ground in the winter for the birds that have a hard time getting to the big suet feeders.  They are gone within an hour of putting them out.  



  1. I love your photos of the blue jay enjoying his treats. For some reason, our little birds seem to be disappearing lately. Unless a hawk has moved into our neighborhood, I don't understand this. Some days when I put out their food, it stays uneaten until the squirrels come along to eat it. This is sad.

    Today we have light rain. Hopefully this will help with our drought situation. It's worth two or three wet days a week to get our reservoirs and ponds filled up.

    I still have lots of tax stuff to wade through, so off I go. You and Izzi have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Love your post. It's so nice to see how you're taking care of those beautiful birds during the winter! Very very nice pictures of Bluejay!!!

  3. nice bird. I think I saw the Blue Jay in Costa Rica but not sure. I love it´s blue color.

    You asked about my lens, no not new. About two years old, 400mm.