Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Sketches

Tiny Life

Every life, no matter how tiny,  has a role to play in the balance of nature.  I respect life and avoid, at all cost, being responsible for ending a life, even that of a tiny spider.   Respect for life and for others seems to be waning in our society these days and it is painful to watch.  How do we return to a time when manners, politeness, respect all added up to a more comfortable and rewarding way of life?  I have no problem with progress, but losing one's soul to greed and selfishness is the beginning of the end and I fear that is where we are headed.



  1. Sadly I believe you are right.
    And all we can do is lead our own lives with integrity and compassion.
    Beautiful image - and thank you, for the beauty and the perspective.

  2. What wonderful and caring thoughts! I too try not to harm spiders if possible, I am glad to read of your kindred thoughts.

  3. That's exactly how I feel too, Andrea. It's one of the main reasons I became vegan and the extra bonus is that I am now reaping the benefits of improved health. Beautiful photos! Whenever I see a spider/bug/lizard in the house I will always move them back outdoors under our eaves or pergola where they still have shelter. :)

  4. Beautiful photo. I love it when I look at mine on the large screen and find an unseen guest that I missed when I was looking through the viewfinder.

  5. I'm with you in all that you say in this post. These photographs are very beautiful.

  6. I ignore the spiders here, they can't bite people, fangs are not long enough apparently.