Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Our World Tuesday

A Little Piece of Midwest Rural America

I downloaded my camera recently and realized I had been taking pictures of fall all around the area where I live.  Every picture is within a short distance from my home and it shows what a beautiful place Rural America can be.  
This is Izzi appreciating a little yellow bush for different reasons that I do.  She loves going to the Forest Preserves in Lake County because there is a plethora of new smells that she can add to her nasal vocabulary.

I pass this view on my way to the feed store ...

 In front of the feed store ...

On my way to the dentist ... ugh!

A street in town ...

The two lane highway that goes to town ...

Leaf burning still happens in our area because we are unincorporated and have no other way to dispose of the leaves ...

On the way to my friends ...

On the hill behind my friends house ...

This is the other side of the beautiful fall story ... though these leaves are beautiful, they lose their attraction when you are the one who has to clean them up, Ha!  Today the leaves are mostly gone.  It is cold, gray and raining.  But, soon we will have snow and we will have another kind of beauty to play with.  Be well everyone and enjoy life ... you only live once (unless,of course,  you believe in reincarnaton :)



  1. Such beautiful captures for the day, Andrea, as always! I do love all the wonderful colors of Fall!! Thanks for sharing the beauty of your world!!

  2. These images here are exceptionally beautiful. Love those country roads with all the fall foilage.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Love the explosions of colour. And use our leaves as mulch and compost.
    I suspect that Izzi's nose gives her an explosion of sensation as well...

  4. Amazing fall color. The wheelbarrow is my favorite . Am

  5. So beautiful.
    I'm sure you are enjoying the season.

  6. Gorgeous!! I think there's nothing more beautiful than rural America. That's why Daniel and I love road trips so much! xoxo Silke

  7. beautiful colours!

  8. Wow so many gorgeous places and isn't it fun to realize what an amazing area you live in - if one just looks around!

  9. beautiful images. Love that tree and fence on the way to the feed store.

  10. My oh my your area had some stunning autumn colors. Loved your post.