Friday, January 31, 2014

Smile It's The Weekend

Listen Closely ...
I has a very importants and scary story to tells you today, Badger Boos ...

A few days agos in the mornings, my Moms went to our neighbors.  While she was gones a louds alarms went offs in our downstairs.  Auntie "J" didn't knows what to dos and Dads was still sleepings, so she called
Unkie "R".  He had her reads somethings to hims over the phones then tolds her he was comings and to get out of the basements and wakes up Dads.  I was starting to gets scareds because I could tells somethings was very wrongs.  

Unkie "R" and his friends cames very fasts and they had called the Fires Departments (What's a Fires Departments?)  They turned offs the furnace and opened the doors ... I thoughts that was very strange because it was very colds outsides and now it was gettings very colds insides.

Then the Fires Man came ...

They hads funny boxes that started making loud clicking noises when they wents downs the stairs.  

Then they cames up and puts a bigs fan in the doors to sucks outs the fumes (Now I is very confused ... what is sucks and what is fumes?)

By nows I am very scareds and I go in the bedrooms and hides behinds the beds.   

The Fires man wents back downstairs with the funny boxes and saids we hads a gas leaks in our gas lines ... Oh, I really don't understands any of this, but my Moms said it was very serious and that ...
this littles box may have saved our lives.  Then I am thinkings, I hopes all of my friends has this littles box so it will saves their lives if it needs too.  Do you has one Badger Boos?


  1. Dear Izzy, and here I thought YOU were the First Alert in the family. It's a good thing your Mom had this in the house, as all houses should. George and Gracie are very happy to hear you are safe. They like you more than other dogs because you just show up on the computer and don't bark at them like the nasty dog next door did. Take care - stay warm.

  2. Izzy, I'm so glad you and your family are all safe. We have that little box in our house too. You took some fabulous photos of all the excitement. I hope your house wasn't cold for very long. By the way, when I want to hide, I go behind this really big lounge chair that Mom has. I can see her but she can't see me. Stay warm Izzy girl, woofs and licks, Pogo B.

  3. It is good that you had someone there and awake to hear the alarm. I am also glad that it was quickly resolved!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog (a Bench with a View) and your kind comment. So glad the carbon monoxide detector worked! How scary it was though to get it all sorted out! We do have one indeed, plus the fire detector. A cousin of mine just last week had a house fire at night, started in the basement, only thing that saved them was the smoke detector. Very important house "gadgets" we need!


  5. Hi Izzi it's me Badger Boo, we've had no power all week because of the storms over here, my humble apologies for the tardiness of my lateness in coming to visit your Smile it's the Weekend.

    Oh my gosh that must have been terribly frightening it's a good job you had an carbon monoxide alarm at your house, it doesn't bear thinking about what could have happened if you didn't have one **gulp**

    We don't have one here, but mummy says because our combi boiler is vented straight outside we don't need one, her brother is a fireman and she asked him abouts it, so that's ok but after reading about your scary story I still thinks we should get one any way.

    Hopes you have a great weekend

    Badger Boo xxxxx