Friday, January 24, 2014

Smile It's the Weekend

La Haute Couture Du Jour ... BOL!

My Mom thinks this is funnys ... if you looks closely I am nots laughings.  It is toooo Grrrrr  colds outsides and has been for too longs.  Someone tell Gods to turns the heats up, Please.

I hopes it is warmers by you Badger Boos ... or I knows you are as sads as I am.  I can't plays with my Frisbees because my feets will freeze and my nose with gets frost bites (that's what my Moms is tellin' mes).  I is looking forwards to warm weathers and greens grasses again ... how about you, Badger Boos ... you gots any of thats yet?  I hope so.  At least one of us cans play and be happys.


  1. Looking very dapper there Miss Izzi, at least you has a sensible coloured coat, mine is yellow and red!!! I've never worn boots but mummy doesn't trim under my feet in winter so my pads are covered up, I think I would hate boots.

    Is it really that cold then? I find it hard to imagine although we do watch Ice Road Truckers and it does look blooming cold!!

    Thank you for joining in with "Smile its the Weekend" hope it warms up soon for you.

    Love Badger Boo xxx

  2. Poor Izzy! But you need to be warm and stay safe. If you were like us, the traveling cats, you'd be running around in the sunshine. Sure, it's cold here in the mornings also, it's only 57 right now. But hey! We have fur, right? We can handle that, especially when the sun is shining. Gracie and I feel your pain and hope that it warms up soon. By the way, what is frostbite?

  3. Stella may be joining Izzi is winter attire. I really am a bit tired of the vicious cycle that we are in this year!! So is Stella.

  4. Poor Izzi. I rather like your boots!! My mom is thinking about getting me some too. It's wicked cold here too. Hang in there, Spring really is coming!!! Woofs, Pogo.

  5. That is just the cutest thing! and Izzi's expression is priceless! Visiting from Vicki's blog party and will popping back to see more