Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mandarin Orange Monday

For those of you who prefer the realist paintings ... I give you an orange flower.

But, I can't ignore the possibilities of what an orange flower can become in the mind of the artist ...

It is the fun of experimenting with filters, blends, cropping and light ... and sometimes textures, (but not today :)

I do love abstract art ... 

And I especially love Lori's technique of layering ...
Happy MOM to all of you ...


  1. Blazes of excitement, of magic, of wonder. Thank you.

  2. hi ndrea. oh That is brilliant. I really love what your have done. ow I would LOVE to know how you do that.

  3. The second one is my favorite, even without posterizing it :)

  4. I just love orange flowers, but oh my what a gorgeous piece of art you have made. You are changing my thoughts on abstract art and I am beginning to enjoy some of it. I thought I would chat a bit, but Pogo is climbing up my chest and being quite pesky. So I'll have to play with him for a bit. You have a wonderful my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

  5. The abstract is nice, but I just love the realistic shot!

  6. Wow Andrea! Love your psychedelic transformation! I really must share it on my FB.
    Thank you, as always, for your lovely comments on MoM. I do have my shop still...but only jewellery in it. But,for the past 6 months I have a half finished blog for my prints!!! I was going to open it as a shop...I even paid ..a little... for the privilege..... you have encouraged me to get going with it! Still deciding how I will do it...whether to try to sell image files or actual prints. It is about time I made up my mind. But I don't think I could sell the collages...not really my work to sell:) Thanks again for everything Andrea. And i really DO love what you did this week!