Monday, May 6, 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday

Mandarin Orange # 40

I pulled up to a stop light one day and there was a motorcyclist in front of me wearing a black leather jacket, naturally.  But this jacket had an embossed eagle on it ... Very cool, I thought to myself.  Then, because I had time and because I could, I grabbed my camera from the front seat and took some pictures.  I really don't know what drives me sometimes :)
I used the selection brush and the paint brush.  Then posterized it to get a little more clarity.   Another fun day on MOM ... Enjoy your week everyone.


  1. I like this one. You did a great job on the eagle. Andrea, that's how I get lots of my photos. Sititng at a red light, and shot right through the windshield. You just never know where you'll find something interesting. Have a wonderful day, Edna B.

  2. I really like how it turned out. You are oh so creative!

  3. Unique! Those bikers have some interesting jackets and logos!

  4. I am glad I helped provide you with a bright beginning to a new week... and I am sorry I haven't been able to respond until now.... saturday! Thank you for the nice words about Matty's eyes and expression - grandmothers always love to hear such things - of course:)
    You did a great job with the eagle - very dramatic! I wonder how he would have reacted if he had caught you taking the pic:)!!
    The white and orange and yellow looks really interesting against the black background.
    Thanks again for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday:) I look forward to your contributions:)