Thursday, February 23, 2012


  1. Diva isn't really a Devil Child, she is really just a fallen Angel. *LOL*

  2. OMG, adorable! That pic with her and the larger yellow kitty...precious. Now what are the names of all of them? And is the large yellow tabby a male? You know, it's rare for a yellow tabby to be a female. So you have yourself a priceless gem there.

    I just scrolled through some of your older posts. You have yourself some gorgeous kitties. =O)

    Be sure to join me next week for Cat Thursday, as I will be sharing some special news.

  3. The Boyz names are Chachi(the yellow tabby) and Fonzi(the gray tabby). They are brothers and they love each other. They are so good with Diva. Fonzi is a little less patient with her because he is the current alpha and Diva is always challenging him. They are both gentle giants.

    I know Diva is priceless. She is an amazing cat as you will see over time. There are many pictures of Diva because she is always pulling something and I can't resist following her with my camera. Again, thsnk you for your comments and I will look forward to your special news next week.