Thursday, February 25, 2021

February Films - Tragedies and Melodramas

 February Films ... Tragedies and Melodramas

I had fun with this prompt.  I think I should stick to cartooning until I can figure out how to do portraits.  Snidley Whiplash is the epitome of  Villainous Melodrama and he was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the prompt.  I started with a sketch, painted it in Photoshop and then diced it up in PicMonkey.


This might be at the top of my list of Tragic Movies  ... or any movies as far as that goes.  It was an awesome story that if you haven't seen it, do or  read the book.  You will love it!

 So, two more days until I get my second shot and then ... same ol', same ol' ... wear a mask, keep a distance , wash my hands  and stay out of crowds :(  But, at least I won't be so stressed when I have to go to the grocery store ... and that's a good thing :)  Stay safe everyone!

Andrea @ From the Sol


Christine said...

Great take on the theme this week Andrea! You are so good with digital art. Schindler's List is a great choice too.

Laurie said...

Snidely Whiplash, I remember him! Schindler’s list,, everyone should see, everyone,,

Rain said...

OMG Snidley Whiplash lol!!! That is GREAT Andrea!! I love it. And yes, Schindler's list is definitely a must read/see. Hard to watch though. Great art today. Good luck with your shot! Please tell us about it next week!

Elephant's Child said...

Love your cartoon - but you left our Muttley the dog.
Hooray for getting your vaccine. I think it will be a few months before I get even the first shot here.

Tom said...

...Snidley Whiplash, what a great name from the past! And Shindler's List was a tough one to watch. Andrea, I hope that you are well and safe.

Rain said...

By the way Andrea...if I still had a television, I'd be subscribing to all of the WWE pay per views and yelling at the tv too, like your daughter lol...I thought that was hilarious because I'm SURE every wrestling fan out there does it!!! :) I found that movie with Mickey Rourke extremely sad, but I do watch it often!

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Sooner or later, as more and more get vaccinated, things will start to open up. At least that's what we hope!

Cathy Kennedy said...


Great melodrama with Snidley Whiplash! Cartooning is a lot of fun. I'd like to do more of it, too. Oh Shindler's List is soooo sad! Great artwork. You had silly and tragedy in one post. Thanks for sharing. Have a doodletastic week, my friend!

Jeanie said...

By now you have your second shot. Whew! I do too, and isn't it a relief? Not that I won't mask or anything -- I'll probably wear it forever! But yes, feeling a little more relaxed is a huge gift!

Thanks for coming by the other day! Nice to "meet" you!
~ jeanie from Marmelade Gypsy

Elkes Lebensglück said...

These are great drawings and it is good if you try to draw a portrait more than once.
It's a good thing that you've already got the second vaccination and unfortunately you still have to do the other thing like wearing masks etc. I haven't got anything yet and we are confused with the vaccination.
Greeting Elke