Thursday, January 7, 2021

Thursday Art Date With Rain ... A Facial Feature

A Facial Feature 

I wasn't sure how to approach this prompt, but I decided to go to some of the art books I have and try drawing some of the facial features in their illustrations ...

This young lady with her facial features is done in the Jane Davenport style.  Then, of course, I did a little digital editing to enhance it.  

And just when you think things couldn't get worse ... things got worse.  Our country is in deep trouble and it is 13 days until we are rid of the cause.  Say a prayer everyone ... this isn't going to be easy :(

Andrea @ From the Sol

P. S.  Today (Friday) is usually the day I write my comments, but I am off to the UIC Dental college with my daughter ... so you won't hear from me until tomorrow.  Sorry :(


Christine said...

Lovely facial features Andrea!
Yesterday of course made front page of The Toronto Star today.

Rain said...

Hi Andrea :) Your facial features are drawn really well! I love the first set of eyes looking to the side! I had to look up Jane Davenport, and yes, you definitely got her style, it's lovely!!!

Elephant's Child said...

And hope.

DVArtist said...

Hi Andrea. I love how you approached this theme. Well done indeed. We will never get rid of the "thing". He already has plans for after he is kicked out of the WH. This is a mess for sure.

Elkes Lebensglück said...

great drawings and the woman is beautifully painted and digitally edited. I watched it on TV what happened to you guys, terrible !!!! I hope and fear with you that nothing malicious happens from this person until January 20th!
Take care of Hugs Elke

Gillena Cox said...

Nice art Andrea. Happy New Year


Tom said...

...Andrea, eyes have to be the most expressive facial feature and you captured them well. Take care and stay safe in 2021.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The eyes are incredible. You drew them well. Did you know that ears are nearly as identifiable as fingerprints? Your ear is genuinely beautiful and so well done. I knew you would come up with something special for this theme.

Yesterday was a nightmare that I lived through awake. I address it on my blog post for Friday. Stay safe, dear friend.

NatureFootstep said...

wow, if you did this just from a drawing book without any exoerience, I am amazed. It is really good, and I love your young lady. The heartshaped face is gorgeous and so are the hair. Love that!

We are following the news in Sweden of course. And finally Twitter closed his account. I hope the next two weeks will be calmer but I doubt it!

Take care of yourselves.