Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Thursday Art Date With Rain

History of Immigration
Immigration is in the soul of the United States.We were founded by immigrants and we have thrived to greatness by the hands of a constant flow of immigrants who found opportunity here and gave back in so many ways.  Without open and caring immigration we will shrivel down to nothing but greed and hate ...

Deco Period


History of Nursing


That's all for me today ... History was hard mainly because there are too many choices, but I tried to pick subjects that reflected my personal experiences (not that I was in the roaring twenties, but my parents were as kids and they had many stories to tell).  Thank you, Rain ... another fun week :)

Andrea @ From the Sol


Elephant's Child said...

LOVE your creations.
The immigration debate is loud here too. I am not proud of the voices which are being heard most clearly.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

These are all beautifully done. I love them all.

Rain said...

Your sketches are really great Andrea! I do love the Roaring 20's piece and the detail on the nurse's face is wonderful! Thanks for joining in!! I'll add you to the linky!! :)

Christine said...

This is a wonderful recap of great moments in history, well done Andrea.

Pam said...

Great job on your HISTORY Art! Thanks also for stopping by the blog and leaving such a nice comment. I really enjoyed the Panama Canal. It was an awesome feeling to touch that wall that held so much history in its own. Men died, and work took so long. I loved it.

Cathy Kennedy said...


Deco period, now that would be a fun era to draw inspiration from for sketches. A few years back for the April A to Z Challenge I did All Things Vintage (2016) in which I featured a lot of things from the roaring 20s but I didn't do any drawings. It wasn't until 2017 that I took up my pencil to test my art abilities.

Your take on history is delightful. You're right, there are way too many directions to go with this prompt and one that certainly can easily be revisited time and time again. Thanks for sharing. You did a great job. The flapper girl is my favorite. ;)