Wednesday, July 8, 2015

NFDAM Digital Art Meme

Ghosts of Goosies Past ...



  1. genious, my dear!

    you asked about the blackberry. so look please, but take time, for:

    my blogposts are the pure and only the pure relax after years of work in the hospital as social worker.
    my phantasie tries to leave that all behind me.
    and digital art might be a way.
    put things in mind together.... as the not controlled synapses in mind.
    And you?
    Herzlich Pippa

  2. Ah, love your goosies for the day!!! Hope your week is going well, Andrea!!!

  3. Now I like the first edit, not the green for me, even I am Irish!

  4. Hah! Love the title...both are mesmerizing♪

  5. Cute! I like the first edit too :-)

  6. spooky. not only the goosies but the glowing greenies too. :)

  7. The first edit is sooooo great !
    ♥ly greetings from germany

  8. Love the double image effect in the first photo. Enchanting. And the green colours in the second photo are lovely.

  9. Your goosie ghosties are awesome! Your editing is super. And I thought your birdie post was quite fascinating. I did not know a lot of this about the birds. See? I learn something new every day.

    Well, today was supposed to be busy with thunder storms all afternoon. Alas, it never came to pass. Joe was stingy with the water on our plants this afternoon, as he was counting on the rain to come and water everything really good. Ah well, you just can't always count on Mother Nature.

    Daughter Audrey sent me a box of homemade goodies - a jar of bread and butter pickles, a jar of strawberry apple butter and a jar of cranapple butter. Oh yum!!!!!

    Now I'm off to watch Skin Wars on TV. It is a competition where the artists do body painting on nude models. It's simply fascinating!!! Woofs to Izzi from Pogo. You have a super evening. Hugs, Edna B.

  10. These are so fun. Loving the "ghost" like effect in the first one. You are very clever.