Friday, June 12, 2015

Three Cheers for the Good Guys!

If you follow the news you are aware that the Police Culture in our country needs some modifying ... better training, better pay and more careful selection of it's members.  But I think that if they need role models to help make the changes, they can look into their own ranks.  There are many "bad apples" masquerading as policemen, but there are many more who are committed to their oath and really do work to help others. Three cheers for the good guys!



  1. The video refuses to play in Oz, but yes, three cheers (at least) for the good guys. There are more of them than the media acknowledges.

  2. I totally agree but think with all of the negative media on the police that there might be fewer of the 'good guys " who want to risk going to prison for doing the job they are trained to do.