Friday, August 28, 2015

Izzi Speak


 I know this place.  My Moms takes me here to "cleans me ups", as she puts its ...

 I really don'ts mind goings because I gets to plays with other dogs ...

 And, I has my owns groomers who I really likes ...

Buts, she does bads things to mes.  She makes me takes a baths, then she cuts my hairs and pulls bunches of my hairs outs and she evens cleans my bum.  And the worst parts is she cuts my nails.  By the times my Moms comes to gets me, I is readys to gos home.  So, why is its that I likes this place?



  1. Ha, funny! All the pups look ready to go! Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

  2. Oh Izzy, how we girls suffer for our beauty.

  3. Now Izzi Be honesst do you get a treat> is that why you like it?

  4. Great post, our dogs don't like going to the groomers either. They are happy when they are home.