Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I love my little flock of crows ... they have been here since we moved here eleven years ago.  They patrol our neighborhood and keep our feeders from being ravaged by the hawks.  The hawks do get their fair share, but they have to work for it, which is as it should be. 
Hear ye, Hear ye ... Dinner is served

I said, Hear ye, Hear ye ... Dinner is server

Really Guys?

 Last Chance ...

You're kidding, right?
Okay, we're eating without you ...

 American Crows are very social,  forming large flocks(our flock is around 10 to 12 crows). Inquisitive and sometimes mischievous, crows are good learners and problem-solvers, often raiding garbage cans, picking over discarded food containers or carrion on the streets.  I put out suet nuggets for them every day and they love them.  I really enjoy watching their antics ...


  1. i love them, too! threw out some unsalted crackers this morning and it only took a few moments before they were sounding the 'hear ye!' call for the entire family. :)

  2. I do love your talkative birds, Andrea! Fun start for my morning!!

  3. I have to agree with you about the crows. I enjoy watching them too. Actually, I love all the birds and animals. Your photos capture the crows' sense of community beautifully.

    Today I am watching "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" The contestant is about to win a million dollars. Woo Hoo! Some days, these kids outscore me on the questions, but today I have been right on the money with my answers. It''s good to know that parts of my brain are still working pretty good!

    As for showing up at my front door in FLA, that would be rather nice. Several years ago, I took some fabulous photos of Sandhill Cranes just a few minutes from my (FLA)place. Surprisingly, they were on the sidelines of the parking lot at the super market. I was able to get very close to them to take the photos. This was so much fun.

    An update, the contestant (on TV)did not get the correct answer to the million dollar question. I did, but that doesn't count.

    Now I have to get busy around here. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. I love the crows too. I wish a gang would come along and chase the hawks away from my yard. Scarcely a bird to be seen.

  5. Great photos and very cute captions.

  6. Your crows are well fed. They have you trained. Great photos!

  7. Your crows, our bearded ravens. Highly intelligent problems solvers who it is a privilege to have visit.

    Loved the photos. Are your crows as distinctly unmusical as ours? The cry of our crows has been quoted as 'Faaaaark, faaark' and indeed that is close...

  8. Nice birds - I really do enjoy watching crows. I almost came back into the house to get my camera this morning - there were two Australia Ravens doing all kinds of bad things to the rubbish bins in our street - annoying, but interesting!

    I work on the theory that my job sends me to places I would not normally visit I'd be stupid not to get out as often as I can - hence the large number of pictures from Oman. I can always catch up on the sleep back at work!!


    Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: I do tend to feel proud of the kids!!!

  9. I like crows! These are nice shots!

  10. I'm fond of my crows too!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  11. Crows are my favorite birds. They are so intelligent and fascinating!

  12. Crows are the coolest birds around, I don't understand why more people don't love them as much as I do. Perhaps it's that "black" thing. Black cats are the least adopted from the shelters, as well as the dogs suffering from BBD (Big Black Dog) syndrome. Maybe those that don't like them just can't deal with the fact that the crows may be smarter than they are.

  13. I enjoy watching crows figure out how to get food. Pretty smart critters. Nice post!

  14. These intelligent birds can be very entertaining. Love your shots of them.