Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Selections

This Sunday I am claiming "Grandma Bragging Rights!" 

Woo Hoo ...


  1. Oh that brings back such fun memories of a hundred years and pounds ago! I used to love the balance beam but could never do the backovers like that, only forward. It's amazing what those young fearless bodies are capable of!

  2. Terrific captures, Grandma!! I would have done the same thing!! What a talented young lady she is!!

  3. Oh my, Grandma! What a fabulous granddaughter you have! She is wonderful on the bar. No wonder you are so proud!

    I guess one of the few perks of being a bit older is being able to enjoy to brag so about our grandchildren. I know I do it, and really enjoy it.

    You don't mention your going to Florida in January. Are you still going? If not, I go on March 3 for two weeks, and you're welcome if you like.

    Well, now it's back to my nap so that I can be fresh tonight at work. You have a wunderful day.
    Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Bragging more than deserved. Ooooh. As one who is supple as a brick I am in complete awe. Brag away. (And isn't that a part of the grandmotherly duty statement anyway - even when it is not as richly deserved as it is here.)