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Wild Bird Wednesday

I spotted this handsome fellow at the side of the road on my way home from the store.  A Pheasant and yes, just in time for hunting season.  The sad truth is that these beautiful birds are raised and released by a hunt club ... raised for the sport of the kill.  And, even if they do manage to avoid the hunters bullet, they have been raised and fed in a pen and don't have a clue how to survive in the wild.  Some end up road kill, others are prey for the coyote and fox.  Something about this makes my heart hurt ...


NF Trees and Bushes

Awesome tree along the path in the State Park ...

It doesn't look that big until you get up to it ...
Izzi and Mint


Monday, October 5, 2015

Nature Footstep ... Catching Light

Last weekend was a full moon weekend of more than usual interest because of the eclipse and the "Blood Moon".  We were told by our weatherman ... "Too Bad, the sky will be covered by clouds so you won't be able to view the eclipse", so, I decided to take a picture of the moon Saturday night when I could see it.

On Sunday the sky was clouded over and so I didn't even attempt to go out, but my neighbor called me and said ... there's a break in the clouds, grab your camera!  Sure enough, for brief period we had on and off glimpses of the Blood Moon and the eclipse ... simply beautiful.  

I know everyone shared their pictures of this wonderful moon last week, but I just had to get my 2 cents in :)


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Good Fences

This is a flimsy fence at best, but it discourages the dogs from leaving the course when running in an agility trial ...

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Wild Bird Wednesday

Crows Rule ...

My little family of crows show up every morning to make sure they get their share of the morning feast.  Then the rest of the day they come and go protecting my feeder birds from predators ... smart crows.


NF Catching Light and Trees and Bushes :)

As I was busy yesterday, I am killing two birds with one stone today ...  In the parking lot, headed for home :)  Have a great day everyone ...


Friday, September 25, 2015

Izzi Speak


Rehabilitations ... now that's a bigs word for you.  My Mom shortens it and calls it rehabs which makes it easier to remembers, but no ones has explained to mes what it is supposed to means.   I just calls it hards work, because that is what it is to mes.

So Moms says, we has to goes to rehabs and I says okays, what's that?  She says it is to makes mes betters ... so where is the "we" in making "mes" better? So off we goes (I guess because she has to drives the the cars, she thinks its okays to say wes) and we goes to a clinics way fars away.

I meets a doctor there ... why is it that doctors all has to push and pokes at me.  Whys, if they are so goods, can't they just looks and me and says I knows whats to do.

 The Doctors assistants is goods ... she gives me Peanuts butter in a cups so I will sits still.  I know what she is ups to, buts, I likes peanusts butter so it worked.

 He tells my Moms, I needs hydros therapys.  So here we goes agains with the big words when he could have just said, Izzi needs to walks in the waters.


Well, I woulds never have thoughts that walkings in waters would be hards work, but guess whats, it is.  My little legs would gets very tireds, but I kept walkings because my Tech would gives me little tiny treates.  I figured I was goings to has to walks a longs way just to get enough to makes up one normals treat, so I did.  I walked and walked.


  Thens to adds insults to injuries, he says here are the exercises Izzi needs to do at homes.  It's not bads enough that I has to walks in waters twice a weeks, now I has to backward walks, sideways walks, figure eights and sit/stands at homes every days.
    Let me tells you all my friends out theres ... if you evers hears your Moms say the word surgeries, it is times to leaves homes because your lifes will be miseralbles all summers.  And, you think that is the worst of its? Listens to this ... I couldn't goes up stairs, couldn't plays Frisbees, couldn't dos agilitys and thens because I couldn't dos anythings they puts me on a diets.  Are you kiddings me? ... But, I has to says, I am gettings pretty strongs by now.  Maybe when I get strongs like I used to bes, I will gets to do what I wants to do, not just what the doctor says I has to do ... you think?

There is one goods thing ... I gets to takes long walks twice a days with my Moms and sometimes my Auntie Mints comes alongs.  We goes to the states park where there are lots of new smells for me to reads.  So I guess that is an up sides ...

I thinks I am goings to survives this in times.
Hopes none of my friends ever has to goes through this ... it's Doggy Hells :(


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