Friday, April 17, 2015

Gone for the Weekend ...

We're offs and runnings again, back to Ohios for another Agilitys Trial.  See you Mondays or maybe even Sundays night.  Has a greats weekends withouts me :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NF DAM Digital Art Meme ... abstract

This is one of those projects that goes on and on, still keeping my interest but reaching a point when you know it is time to stop.  I love abstract, there seemingly are no confining rules so it is just pure fun.

Had to share my Smiley Face even though it has nothing to do with the overall composition ...

Now, can you see the whole without focusing on the smiley face?  I will tell you what I see here if you want to know, but I really don't want to steer you.  Tell me what you see :)

Once again, I am seeing something different ... are you?



Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday

Spring is a busy time on our lake as many different birds pass through on their way up north.  This is just the few that I was able to capture.  I have to add that these are either very crisp clear pictures and I am slowly going blind so they all look fuzzy or they are fuzzy pictures and my camera is dying a slow painful death.  Hopefully I will be figure it out and find a solution ... meanwhile, I hope you appreciate the good intentions :)

Juvenile Eagle

 female and male Mallard

male and female Canadian Geese


 male Common Merganser

 Pelicans and Cormorants

 male and female Lesser Scaup 

 female and male Common Goldeneye

And the ever present and always welcome Robin

Happy WBW!


NF Trees and Bushes

Trees serve us well in life and in death ...


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday's Critters

This is an old favorite from my archives.  I wanted to do cats today because I have attached a video that I think every cat lover should see ... so enjoy!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday

click on button for more fun bird pictures

Spring is trying hard ... all different sizes and species of  birds are coming through, flowers are breaking ground and starting their journey, but the nights are still very cold so it isn't easy for any of them.

Our Eagles are back in the area.  We see them only occasionally.  This handsome young man is almost an adult ... probably a 4 year.  Next year he will be looking for a mate and finding his own territory and we may or may not see him again.

This flock is a group of male Red Wing Blackbirds ... they swoop in, ravage the feeders and swoop out.  Soon the females will arrive and they will break up into pairs.  Then they will swoop in together and swoop back out :)

A group of male Common Mergansers fly across the lake.  soon they will show up with females and chase the poor little girls everywhere.  No rest for the weary ...

Most of the Pelicans have done their circling up to the thermals and headed north.

But we do still see a few around on occasion ...

There is more to come as it is just beginning.  Everything seems to be coming to life ... it is a wonderful time of year. Happy Spring to the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Fall to the Aussies and their neighbors :)