Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekend Reflction

I took a series of pictures in "Little Italy" another Chicago neighborhood.  Many of the Row houses had reflections, but this was my favorite.  I will be posting more pictures on this neighborhood soon.
Have a Great Weekend ...

Feline Art Friday

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Good Fences

I have to admit that I probably wasn't looking at the fence when I took this picture ... but, it is a pretty nice fence even if the flowers are stealing the show :)
Happy Good Fences to you all ...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday

The Alpine Chough
I spotted this pair sitting on a little ledge overlooking the Glacier of Aletsch at the top of Eggeshorn Mountain.  They are average size blackbirds about the size of our Starling or Grackle with white (the book says yellow) beaks and red legs.  But these are not ordinary blackbirds for this species breeds in high mountains.  Their eggs have adaptations to the thin atmosphere that improves oxygen take up and reduces water loss.

The Alpine Chough pairs for life and builds a lined stick nest in caves or crevices in a cliff face.  It feeds in flocks eating invertebrates in the summer and fruit in the winter.  It is known to nest at a higher altitude than any other bird.

Even though they are considered common throughout Europe and Spain, I feel privileged to have shared a mountain top with them ... :)

Happy WBW!


"Oh it's such a perfect day
         I'm glad I spent it with you ..."  

A 10 kilometer hike in the mountains  ... Beautiful skies, wildflowers everywhere, cow bells ringing their tunes, a snack by a little lake (fresh bread and Nutella :) ... but, best of all, a good friend by my side ...


Our World Tuesday

After a short break so I could post some local activities, I am taking us back to another wonderful day in Switzerland.  On this day we were traveling to the home of the youngest brother.  We stopped for lunch at an old hotel ...Hotel Rosenlaui.  This hotel had been built originally in the 1850's by the English entrepreneurs who were coming to Switzerland in droves during that period.  It has been remodeled numerous times, and is still well preserved and gorgeous.

Walking to the Hotel we crossed over a bridge that went over this beautiful stream.  There are streams and waterfalls everywhere in Switzerland ... so cool!

They were serving lunch out on the patio ... and you know we weren't going to skip lunch:)

But first we had to go visit the little girls room which took us inside the hotel ...

The main floor was open to the public and they had rooms for special occasions which were not in use on this day.

This was a really cool chandelier in the reading room ... the sign on the door behind it led us to our destination.

When we came out we spotted a staircase that was marked for residents only ... i.e.
 Keep Out!

Not ... it just made it more of a temptation, so up we went!

Clearly the residents were treated well ... something to think about if you are ever traveling in the area.

But it was time to go out to enjoy our lunch :)

What a delicious lunch    and

of course, dessert ...

From our table we had another view of the little stream ...

And, this is my friend standing by the sign that points to our next adventure ... more on that another time.
Happy OWT Everyone!

Monday, October 20, 2014

NF Inspiring Photography ... Catching the Light

Catching the Light
Climbing through a small canyon near Rosenlaui, Switzerland.  Much of the pathway was tunnels cut through the canyons edge.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mandarin Orange Monday

I am doing an art class next week called mixed media.  We are planning on working in the oranges and reds so I thought, well here's a little girl who comes by those colors naturally.  So since I am playing with these colors anyway for MOM ... I am starting with this precious little Screech Owl.

Here is another owl ... The Barn Owl, that has some natural oranges in his feathers (we usually refer to it a s a Cinnamon color) that with a little boost I can enhance them enough to do MOM :)

Hmmm ... do you think these two could get along in close quarters?

For the sake of l'orange ...
Happy MOM Everybody!