Monday, September 5, 2016

Through My Lens

Not far from Curt's Cafe (to see Curt's Cafe post click on ) is another neighborhood ... a neighborhood of, let us say, tasteful opulence. Not the homes of the 1 percent, but let's say the upper 10 percent.  There is still a small segment of middle class in America, but the politics and greed are quickly guiding the wealth to the upper 1 % and to some extent the upper 10% at the expense of the 90%.  Still sound like the land of opportunity?  It is sad what greed and power lust can do to even the best well intended, equality minded system. 

 This is the original house in the area ... an old ornate Victorian farm house.  It has been restored and remains a place of beauty.

 This is either a story of great love or one of a possessive, controlling obsession.  When the daughter married, the father bought her the house next door and built a tunnel between the two houses.  You decide ...

 Most of the people can afford gardeners and the yards reflect the TLC given at a price :)

This house has a twin across the street built by a sister (not sure if she was a twin).  Sorry, the picture I took of the twin didn't turn out :(

Don't get me wrong ... I love these beautiful neighborhoods and the people who live here are hard working and have earned their way for the most part.  They are not the culprits but the benefactors of a skewed system.  There really is enough to go around if the billionaire class would reinvest in our economy instead of hoarding their billions in off shore banks so they won't have to pay taxes.  Shame, shame!


  1. Oh that first Victorian farmhouse!!! And the doorway to the red home, and the columns to the white one...they are all so beautiful!

  2. Absolutely wonderful photography of a lovely neighborhood ~

    Yes, our society has their priorities slightly mixed up ~ Things are not what it is about ~ yet I live in a beautiful area now but also knew what poverty was and still is ~ Plenty for all ~ You are right ~ Greed !

    Wishing you smooth sailing days ~ ^_^

  3. Yes.
    And don't get me started on the obscenity of giving tax concessions to the very rich because the impact will 'trickle down' to those who NEED assistance.
    A beautiful area though. Thank you.

  4. I'm fascinated by Victorian homes.

  5. Such wonderful shots you got of your neighborhood. I fully agree with what you said. If you are living in a country considered 3rd world, developing, or least developed, the more negative adjectives you will think about. But that is what life gave us, so we make the most out of it not from greed but just be positively honest, hoping values stay intact. I wonder what those in the top percent of the society feels like. And i smiled at your mention of building a tunnel between 2 houses, maybe for "safety", haha!

  6. Extraordinary homes!!!

    And, loved reading your thoughts on the 'politics' of the 'rich' society.

  7. Those are beautiful homes. I agree there would be enough money if the filthy rich didn't try to get out of paying taxes.

  8. Love seeing these old and elegant homes. Will have to read further to see where this little prize town is at. Lovely shots though, and a big NO on that tunnel

  9. These are fabulous homes! I'm sure I wouldn't fit in but I love the architecture and great details on the houses.

  10. Wow those are some fancy homes. I know it's hard to understand about "wealthy" people when we see so many struggling just to get by. Still there is beauty in these lovely homes.