Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday's Critters


In my Bird Feeder :(


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  1. I love chipmunks. We don't have them where we live now.

  2. Hello Andrea, love the cute chippers. They do love the birdseed. Your photos are great. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  3. I love your little chipmunk. We have several families of them here, and we love watching them. One of our little critters only has a half tail. We're not sure how it happened, but it doesn't seem to slow this little fellow down when he is out gathering food. Which reminds me, I need to put out some more peanuts. The chipmunk just love the peanuts!!

    Pogo got his hair cut yesterday, and he looks so spiffy now. I think he's a bit cooler too. And, he looks more like a tiny Doberman now instead of a wooly lion. haha.

    I saw Izzi's photo on facebook. How is she doing? I feel so bad for her. With all this great weather, she probably wants to just run and play. Poor baby. Pogo says to tell her to hang in there, and in a few weeks, she'll be able to put all this behind her.

    Joe is outside mowing the grass. Thank goodness for the lawn tractor that my SIL gave me a couple of years ago. It makes the job of mowing seem like fun. (well, sort of!) Maybe you could check out the newspaper for a used lawn tractor for your lawns. They sure make a big difference in getting the work done.

    Yesterday, I got as far as the garden center at Home Depot. Dwarf Helen and I picked out a few more veggie plants, as well as a few more perennials for the yard. That used up all my energy, and we headed on home. I'll have to go back another day to check out the windows and cabinets.

    My peonies are in bloom, and are really gorgeous. The only problem is that they fall over as soon as they blossom. This is so sad.

    Well, it's getting close to noon, and my tummy is grumbling. I think it's time to cook up some eggs and green peppers. Oh, mmmmmm!!!

    You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Such cute little critters!! Love your captures!!! Hope all of you have a great weekend!!

  5. I suspect the chipmunk says it is a chipmunk feeder - not a bird feeder.
    A cutie. A cutie we don't get. Thank you.

  6. Adorable chipmunk shots!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  7. awww what a little cutie, we definitely dont' have those here :-)

  8. Cracking looking little animal - I do love those cheek pouches.

    1/5 of the way through the busy time - back home from Jakarta for a few days and then off to the UK. Birds were great in Indonesia, but the haze from the pollution made it really hard to get pictures (and having to leave most of my gear at home did not help either!!) A few pictures to follow.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. oops, this one gets bigger cheeks by the minute :)

  10. That's what I call naughty but nice!
    Wren x

  11. So cute! We currently have several baby Killdeer running around our garden. It is always such a joy to go out and visit with the wee critters!