Monday, June 29, 2015

NatureFootstep Catching Light



  1. A beautiful puff of white cloud emerges.

  2. Have you reduced the number of colors in the last one?
    Great shot :)
    Have a wondeful day.

  3. Wonderful! Lovely trees and clouds!

  4. Stunning cloudphotos, really wonderful light...

    Thanks for your visits and comments. It's a big creative fun for me to make this picstories. Here you can see them all (most I don't linking with NF)

  5. Andrea, I love your cloud photos. There is such beauty there. The contrast in colors is gorgeous. This is my kind of photo. I find them extremely interesting, and have taken tons of cloud photos.

    Today started out gray and cool, but now it has warmed up a bit and the sun is shining. A rather pretty day. I hope tomorrow is nice too. Pogo and I are planning on going to Best Buy to see if their tech person can help me with my cell phone. I can't seem to get my files to go on my SD memory card, so my phone runs out of memory and things stop working. It's a bit annoying.

    My laptop is acting up to. The DVD writer isn't behaving. Just something else to keep me busy trying to figure out. It's no wonder I don't get much accomplished. All these little things keep getting in the way. haha.

    I must be getting better though, because I'm getting my interest back in making scrapbook quick pages. I always enjoyed it and found it quite relaxing. Actually, I already started and will give away the first one on Thursday on my blog.

    I may have spoken too soon earlier. The sun has gone back behind the clouds and it is drab and gray outside now. Poor Pogo. He was lying in front of his door soaking up the sunshine.

    Joe will be home soon, so I think I'll get Pogo's turkey treat ready and put it in Joe's refrigerator. You and Izzi have a super day. Hugs, Edna B.

  6. Replies
    1. Hmmm ... polluting that clean air. Shame on him :)

  7. Dramatic clouds...nice capture♪

  8. Prettiness! That is such a pleasant blue and you've caught it beautifully. The back lit cloud too. It does stand out. :)