Monday, June 22, 2015

Macro Monday

Daddy Longlegs ... Oh how  love having them in my garden :)

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  1. And that is a BIG daddy long legs!! Fun shot for the day, Andrea! Hope you have a great new week!

  2. Oh yeah, I like them too, but never heard the English name before (have known only a Band with this name)

  3. Nice photos. I haven't really looked to see if we have any of these in the garden. Hope your weekend was great. Ours was nice even though it was raining. The lawns and gardens all enjoyed a good soaking. Of course, that means that Joe will have to mow the grass a little sooner than planned, but that's no problem. I think he enjoys riding on the lawn tractor.

    Today was a pretty good day, and I had plans to go the post office when Joe got home from work. But, I totally ran out of steam and most of my breath by that time. So, I'll have to go to the post office maybe tomorrow.

    The guy came by today to check out the oxygen concentrator. He put a new filter (?) on it and took the readings and said it was okay. It took all of three minutes. I guess he won't have to come back now until next year.

    Pogo is being extra picky about his food lately, so I've been sneaking in some dog food every day. To be fair, he eats a tiny bit of it before turning his nose up at it. If only they made a super soft dry food that he could eat. I could leave a bowl down all day for him.

    Most of this week will be hot and sunny, and then we'll cool down a bit the end of the week. I like the 70's much better than the high 80's and 90's. I tried crocheting today, but the yarn started sticking to me so I put it down. I'll work on that at night.

    I'm cooking some supper so I'd better go tend to it before it burns. You have a wonderful evening, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Very long legs. I haven't seen any for a while. Must go looking...

  5. I am now thinking I have not seen one of these for a long time and we used to see them all the time. Good shot.

  6. I have not seen these for a long time either.

  7. Neat shot of the Daddy Long Legs, I once had once of these crawl down my blouse, freaked me out!

  8. We used to play with them when I was a kid. It never occurred to me that it was actually a spider--it was just a 'daddy long legs'!!