Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thoughts on Christmas Day ...

Color Me Red and Green ...
Christmas Colors summon up the spectrum of emotions that each of us feels on Christmas day ... excitement, calm, sadness, each drawing on our life's experience to paint the picture of Christmas in our hearts.
Presents, presents everywhere ... the twinkling of lights, the ringing of bells.  Yet in the background the calm ... is it peace?  Is it sadness?   What does it say to each of us?
Our realities are still there, but somehow on this day they are painted over with joy.  Or is this a sad time for you?  Many carry sad memories on this day and perhaps haven't been able to find the peace that Christ offered in his teachings.
My heart goes out to you ...
Some of our loved ones fly with angels on this day, but they live on in our hearts ...
Then there are those that just don't get it ... Bah Humbug, they say ...  My heart goes out to you as well because, whether you are a believer in Christ on not, this is a holiday that celebrates the human spirit.  All that is love ... all that you can give to life and receive in return.  Christmas is a moment of celebration.
Have a Blessed Christmas


  1. Beautiful photo of the red and green image.
    You summed up the emotional spectrum well. I used to hate Christmas for a long time, couldn't stand all the music and constant greeting of Merry Christmas. I used to correct people and remind them it was also Channukah, etc. Now I just accept the greetins as a gesture of good will and let it go at that. I had some good Christmas memories and some horrible ones, but life is like that...you just have to let the bad go and hang on to the good.
    You have a blessed merry Christmas today and I hope the day is everything you wish it to be.

  2. I love your pictures!!! I agree, you have pretty much covered the spectrum of Christmas feelings. I have always had the pleasure to celebrate other religious holidays as well (right along with) Christmas. We all celebrate with light, we all have a belief, and therefore we should all be able to enjoy the holidays as a united people. Good Lord! I'm sounding quite philosophical! lol.

    Whether my Christmas is looking bleak or happy, I find someone else to do for (including animals) and right away my holiday is a good one. There is no Bah Humbug in my Christmas.

    One of my brother's most fun things to do on Christmas was parading up and down streets early in the morning dressed as Santa and waving to the children who would be looking out their windows. Every now and then, a parent would come to the door and wave to him. He would grumble about putting on the suit, but boy oh boy, he wouldn't miss this for the world.

    Pogo and I hope your Christmas was fabulous. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. This is such a beautiful (literally and metaphorically) and empathic post. Thank you.