Saturday, December 1, 2012

Inspiration Avenue

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For over 50 years my mother was my angel on earth and now she is the angel in my heart.  I often talk to her in my mind and every time we get through a rough time or something especially good happens, my family says ... "Mopsy (my mother's nick name) is watching over us".  We all feel like she is still with us, watching our every move, giving the love she always gave ... she is our blessing.

 My mother is not just our angel ... her whole life was angelic.  She was a nurse, a lover of nature and of life.  She was talented in so many ways and she used her talents to make others happy.  Every year my parents put out their own Christmas card.  My father would get the idea (most often related to current events) and my mother would illustrate it.  She became know for "Mopsy's Angel" who starred in many of her cards. 

In these, many of you were around when we landed a man on the moon.  And, as for the earth being screwed ... that was in the 1980's.  They saw into the future in a way we all wished would never happened.

Each card had special meaning and everyone we knew looked forward to what they would come up with next.  Christmas is a time when I remember how much of an angel I was blessed with in my mother ... and in my father, not so angelic, but still wonderful in every way.  If you still have your parents you are blessed, if not, like me, live and love with your memories ...

I have one more angel to share with you.  This one was not planned, but last Thursday our little Maggie passed away and has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with her brother Micky.  It was a sad day for us, but we have loved every day of the twenty years she spent in our home and now she will live on in our hearts.


  1. What a beautiful story of your mother. I, too, lost my mom a few years ago, and I still miss her every day. It is nice to think of her as watching over us. Her cards are truly angelic, and how much must her personal greeting have been loved. Your little cat looks so sweet - and 20 years is quite the age for a cat!

  2. Thank you for your visit to my Angel posting. Your words were so sweet.

    I am reading YOUR post about Angels and am truly touched. Were your mother's drawings ever published? They look so familiar to me....something I remember from my childhood (in the 50-60's). They are purely adorable.

    I am sorry to hear of our Maggie's passing. She was a sweet girl.

    Nice to meet you. Isn't it wonderful how the internet brings people into our lives that we may never have known?

    Have a good week.

  3. Maggie no doubt wound her paws deep into your heart strings and took a piece of you with her when she left. I am so sorry - it hurts an incredible amount to lose them, and gratitude for the time you had does not diminish the pain.
    I loved your mama's cards - and can see where you got some of your talent and focus from.

  4. What beautiful memories you have of your mother and what a treasure her cards are. I also lost my mother and altohough I miss her every day i still believe she is looking over me as I believe your mother looks over you too

  5. I am so sorry to hear about Maggie. The loss of a cat leaves such a hole in the heart.

    It is always heartwarming to find someone who loved their mother, that sensation is alien to me, unfortunately. I'm always in awe and a bit jealous of this type of relationship but am happy for you for having experienced it.

  6. We share in our mothers' memories similarly and I am always saying that she is up in heaven having tea, swinging her foot as her legs are crossed, just waiting for us all to get up there with her for a big ol' reunion!

    So sorry to hear that Maggie crossed over. It is so hard to lose a pet. But she will be waiting for us, too.

    Glad you joined in IAvenue!

  7. What a lovely tribute to your mother + to have her cards is a lovely memento. All your + her angels are adorable x