Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wild Bird Wednesday

Sandhill Crane
 I spotted this young fellow sauntering across a yard ...

 Oops ... then he spotted me ...

And decided to 

Head back for the cover ...

of the trees ...



  1. They are beautiful birds. Sad to say, I did not get to see any of them on my last trip to Florida. Actually, I didn't get to see much of anything while there.

    Pogo and I hope you and Izzy are enjoying a happy day with comfortable tempuratures. It's another hot one here today. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Sandhill cranes come through here twice a year, but must nest further north and spend winters well to the south. They are beautiful birds.

  3. Hello!:) Oh Good Shots!:) Lovely bird! I like how they saunter around everywhere.:)

  4. HAPPY 4TH JULY. Marvellous images of this beautiful birds

  5. What a beautiful thing to see. I suspect his saunter became a high-tail after he had seen you.

  6. Très belle série ;-) Céline & Philippe

  7. What great birds - I may be able to see some cranes this week. As you will see from the tag line below I am out and about (again), but this time with family.

    Lovely slow morning with a pot of tea and ample toast!

    Cheers - Stewart M, Mells, Somerset, UK