Monday, July 6, 2015

NatureFootstep ... Catching Light

Some Restaurants have great lighting ... but wait!  What is wrong with this picture?

dabble ...

dabble, dabble ...

Did you figure out what is wrong with this picture?  



  1. I think the janitor should have a look and put e new bulb in place.
    Great editing..
    Ad snails: Is this the same as the ravenous snail at your place? - article can be read in english to, scroll left sidebar.

    Have a nice day.

  2. A missing light bulb but I love your edits Adrea.

  3. Maybe they are trying to conserve power... ;)

  4. Hate it when a bulb burns out and it's up high! Nice edits♪

  5. Great remastering! What is wrong? Don't know.
    They don't shining all, but it that wrong? They make a nice light.
    Thanks for your visit and comment :-)

  6. looks like copper pots! And re your comment on my blog...the bokeh was real!!

  7. well, a new bulb is needed, it gives no light. But I doubt that is what you mean. :)

  8. Exactly, it can't be that one bulb. And I can't seem to figure out what else is wrong.
    But I love what you did with that image, Andrea. Creative!!

  9. You are all overthnking it ... it is the burned out lightbulb that I am referring to. I am not a perfectionist with my own things, but I seem to become one when it is somebody elses job to be perfect. So glad you all enjoyed, even with one burned out bulb in the mix :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  10. I'm late commenting so I know the bulb is missing. However your final edit is just fabulous.