Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday

A visit to the past ... it has been raining here every day for weeks.  When we do get a break and a peek at the sun, I have to cut my grass and do yard work or we will be overgrown and you may never hear from me again.  So, since I haven't really been able to get out to do any birding I am reaching back into my archives for some pictures I took at this time of year ... only different year...  Meet the Palm Warbler ...

These were taken on my street as I walked Izzi down by the channel ... The real trick here was getting Izzi to sit/stay long enough to get these shots.  She really is a good girl :)



  1. What a pretty little bird and I bet their song is really fun!

  2. The pine-warbler is beautiful. And of course Izzi is a good girl. How is she doing?

  3. Your weather sounds as bad as ours has been in Texas! Lovely shots!

  4. What a beautiful little bird!! I've never seen one of these before. They look a bit like the goldfinch. I just caught up with your latest posts. The elephant topiary is beautiful. And, I love your macro shot of the owl. What a gorgeous bird!!

    I'm sorry to hear about all the rain you've been having. Hopefully, "Bill" isn't dumping more rain on you. I wonder how much more sadness and devastation people in this country have to endure before the weather settles down?

    We had a day of light rain a couple of days ago, but it wasn't enough to plump up the grass in my yard. Maybe I need to put down more grass seed? We have a lot of bare spots on one end of the yard this year. I was going to buy a lawn swing, but the dwarfs don't sit out much so I did not buy it. The mosquitos have been biting wicked so no one enjoys sitting out in the yard.

    I don't take Pogo outside too much either for the same reason. He has his medicine every month, but why take chances? I have hire someone to come out and treat the yard but they haven't shown up yet. Contracts today just aren't the same as the one's we used to have years back.

    Today the plumbing in this old house is acting up. SIL Eddie is supposed to be coming by later this afternoon to see if he can fix it. If he can't, I'll have to call in a plumbing contractor. It's always something when you have a house. Ah well.

    Now I think I'll put in a load of laundry and think about what's for Pogo's lunch. Such an exciting day!! haha. You and Izzi be safe and have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  5. Warblers are usually very pretty birds and this one is no different. Lovely post

  6. Beautiful little bird.

  7. I hope you rain stops soon so you can get out again with your camera but in the meantime this is a gorgeous little bird

  8. What a cracking little bird - the yellow would be good enough, but that red/ chestnut head is even better.

    My week at home is coming to an end - and its gone way to quickly - back on the road for the next two and bit weeks. I have set up WBW to post each week, but don't know what else I will get done!! I'll look forward to your comments.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne (but not for long!)

  9. Great photos! Don't get lost in the tall grass!