Friday, February 20, 2015

Weekend Reflection

It has been so cold here for so long, I decided to reach back and pull up something from a warmer time ... just the thought of it makes me feel cozy.  

Have a wonderful weekend everyone ...



  1. Oh, I agree!! Perfect shot for a cold day!! Hope you stay warm for the weekend and enjoy!!

  2. A beautiful female Mallard with a beautiful reflection

  3. It makes me feel warmer too. In catching up with your posts, I love your editing on the fence. And that cat image is really fun. They look so intrigued with the art work. The weather man says that Spring is only 27 days away. I just hope someone lets Mother Nature know this. Gosh, what a winter!!!

    Pogo and I will be leaving on a plane for (hopefully) warmer Florida next weekend. I hope the weather behaves so that we can actually make it there on time.

    On TV, they are showing how some folks in Boston have just turned a huge empty lot into a snow park. There's lots of snow boarding, sledding, an ice bar, and all sorts of other fun stuff. What a great idea. It provides lots of fun for kids and adults.

    Right now, Pogo is tucked way under a pile of fuzzies on his little sofa, and won't even come out for his breakfast. He's not so crazy for this cold weather either. Ah well, I think I'll grab an afghan and curl up on my lounge chair. Maybe I'll crochet a bit or maybe just catch a few extra winks. It's a good day for either. You and Izzi stay warm and have a beautiful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Nice reflection Andrea! Btw, you were looking at last week's weekend reflections. This week's doesn't close until early Monday morning. You are number 58. :-)