Monday, January 26, 2015

Mandarin Orange Monday

This is a bad picture of a cute horse that lives near me.  I decided to try to do something artistic with it so it wouldn't go to waste :)

Try #1 ...

Try #2

Well that is as good as it gets this round.  We have a "situation" we are dealing with here and it is hard to get my heart into being an artist today ... But couldn't miss Lori's comeback.  Happy MOM ... feels good to be able to say that again :)



  1. Yes it is a very beautiful horse and I would love to see a good image of it. Now I love the last image best in your editing,

  2. Gorgeous.
    I hope the 'situation' resolves itself quickly. Hugs.

  3. When life gives you bad photos, make for me. Sometimes it's exactly those"less than perfect" shots that work the best for these projects.

  4. Nice job with a so so picture I do like it. Understand the lack of creative juices - they'll be flowing again soon I am sure!

  5. That horse is not real! It looks like those dots were painted :)
    Sorry but the original shot is the best....

  6. It sure wasn't a waste...none of it! First, I have never seen a horse like looks like a dalmatian! Second, I love what you did with it and enjoyed scrolling the last...which is my favourite. It could almost be part of my snow gums..don't you think? And I am still looking for the bears;) Its nice to back with my friends - from far away:))

  7. lol, that happens at times :) My favourite is no 2, love the colors and texture in it.